Artium Unveils Juju Baby Music: India’s Pioneering AI-Driven Record Label Leading The Future Of Music

~Embarking on a groundbreaking journey with its debut album ‘Future Wave’, featuring India’s top music icons like Shaan, Javed Ali, Akhil Sachdeva, Jyotica Tangri, Divya Kumar, and emerging talents like Aishwarya Anand and pioneering AI-enhanced music videos~

24th June 2024, India – Artium Academy, India’s foremost music education platform, introduces Juju Baby Music, a cutting-edge music label poised to revolutionize the indie music landscape. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Vivek Raicha and Ashish Joshi, alongside renowned composer and producer Gourov Dasgupta, Juju Baby Music aims to redefine music IP, nurture emerging talent, and leverage artificial intelligence.

The debut of Juju Baby Music is marked by the launch of “Future Wave,” an album that promises to redefine indie music. It blends distinctive melodies with futuristic synth pop and synth wave arrangements, featuring collaborations with India’s music icons like Shaan, Javed Ali, Akhil Sachdeva, Jyotica Tangri, Divya Kumar, and emerging talents such as Aishwarya Anand from Artium Academy. Each track is accompanied by visually stunning AI-driven music videos, transporting artists into space-age cyberpunk settings for an immersive visual experience.

The “Future Wave” album Season 1 lineup includes:

  • June 21: “Naina Ro Pade” (Artist: Javed Ali)
  • June 25: “Dil Rove” (Artist: Akhil Sachdeva Ft. Aishwarya Anand)
  • June 30: “Undercover” (Artist: Jyotica Tangri)
  • July 5: “Dard Ke Siva” (Artist: Divya Kumar)
  • July 10: “Choti Choti Mulakatein” (Artist: Shaan)

Vivek Raicha, Co-Founder and CEO of Artium Originals, commented, “Our vision at Artium Originals is to empower the future of music through strategic financing, equitable artists partnerships and new distribution technologies starting with Juju Baby Music, a pioneering venture in collaboration with the extremely gifted and accomplished music composer/producer Gourov Dasgupta. With Juju Baby Music we’re ushering in a new era in Indie music by integrating real music with groundbreaking AI-driven videos, offering an unmatched sensory journey.

Juju Baby Music plans to release monthly genre-specific albums, featuring weekly song releases culminating in EPs. Following “Future Wave,” upcoming albums will explore genres like Indie Cafe and Folk Music, blending mainstream stars with fresh Artium Academy talent. Each song will debut with integrated videos on YouTube and audio releases on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and JioSaavn, Wynk and others.

Renowned Music Composer/Producer and Director Juju Baby Music Gourov Dasgupta added, ” Collaborating with Artium, the hot bed of new talent and particularly with Vivek and Ashish to launch Juju Baby Music has been an exhilarating journey. We take pride in pioneering cutting-edge soundscapes that showcase India’s top artists in collaboration with new talent emerging from remote corners of the country. Our platform challenges the misconception that AI diminishes artistic expression; instead, it empowers artists by integrating groundbreaking technological advancements. These cyberpunk-inspired visuals redefine music videos, diverging from conventional narratives to offer viewers a uniquely immersive experience.

Ashish Joshi, Founder and CEO of Artium Academy, emphasized, “Juju Baby Music embodies our ethos of nurturing talent from inception. Our aim is to cultivate a dynamic environment where emerging talents seamlessly collaborate with established icons, nurturing their progression from budding artists to global stars. It upholds the institution’s commitment to not just offer excellence in music education but also provide a unique pathway from classroom to stage for independent creators, encompassing music creation, rights management, digital monetization, and branding partnerships

Juju Baby Music is set to not only push boundaries in sound but also transform music distribution with its innovative approach. By leveraging AI for creative expression, the label stands at the forefront of blending technology with artistry, promising a future where music is both heard and seen in groundbreaking ways.

The first ever Juju Baby Music song features Indian Music Icon – JAVED ALI who has teamed up to bring you an unforgettable musical experience. Listen to his debut track on JujubabyMusic – “Naina Ro Pade”!

The track is the first release from Futurewave – EP with videos created using the cutting-edge Unreal AI.

Click the link below to watch and listen:



About Juju Baby Music: Juju Baby Music stands at the forefront of music innovation, positioned at the intersection of music intellectual property (IP), emerging artists, and artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a music creator platform where creativity thrives, empowering artists to explore new frontiers in music production, collaboration, and distribution using real music and unreal AI.

Conceived by founders of Artium Academy, India’s leading music learning platform, Vivek Raicha and Ashish Joshi and renowned music composer/producer Gourov Dasgupta, Juju Baby Music serves as a vibrant platform for emerging talent to shine alongside established icons, shaping the next generation of music stars in India and beyond. Its innovative approach intertwines real music with ‘unreal’ AI music videos, delivering an immersive auditory and visual experience like never before.

Operating under the banner of Artium Originals*, a fully-owned extension of Artium Academy**, Juju Baby Music upholds the Academy’s standard in music education and furthers its mission to identify and nurture in-house talent, offering a unique platform from school to stage for independent creators in music creation, rights management, digital monetization and branding partnerships.

**About Artium Academy: Artium Academy is India’s premier music learning and community platform, dedicated to fostering musical talent globally. The platform offers personalized 1:1 live music class in both online and offline environments alongside interactive masterclasses facilitated by some of India’s most celebrated music icons. It’s performance-based courses are meticulously crafted and certified by industry legends including Sonu Nigam, K S Chithra, Shubha Mudgal, Aruna Sairam, Louis Banks, and more. Powered by proprietary technology, the learning platform features AI-enabled practice studios and a robust performance platform that enhances learning outcomes and student engagement. With a network of hundreds of certified instructors and a thriving community of paid learners spanning across continents, Artium Academy leads the charge in transforming music education into a dynamic and accessible experience for all.

*About Artium Originals: is a forward-thinking music holding company, empowering the future of music through strategic financing, visionary artist partnerships, and cutting-edge music distribution technologies. The company aims to nurture creativity and innovation within the music industry, supporting diverse content companies and signing exceptional artists who redefine musical boundaries. Leveraging its expertise and resources in music education, the Company is shaping a talent ecosystem where artistic excellence thrives, bridging the gap between talent and global audiences encompassing music creation, rights management, digital monetization, and branding partnerships.

Artium Unveils Juju Baby Music: India’s Pioneering AI-Driven Record Label Leading The Future Of Music